Electric Poultry Netting- Battery Powered or Plug-In

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Protecting your flock is your responsibility as a farmer or breeder. 

Many farmers have found that electric fences are a great way to not only keep pests out, but to keep animals in. 

Many pests are small enough that they can enter through even the tiniest holes in fencing, and can either hurt or even kill your chickens, or do damage to your coop.

By adding an electric fence, you are able to  discourage even the smallest of pests, and give your flock the protection it deserves.

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Keep your birds in and pests out! 

Easy to install, this hand-tensioned, prefabricated fencing comes on a roll, complete with support posts already built in! 

Easy to adjust or remove as needed, no tools required.

Adapts easily to curves, hills, & corners.

With this netting, you can select either a battery kit or a plug-in kit for power.

This battery kit includes a fence enegizer, battery, and fence tester. 

The plug-in kit includees a 110v plug-in energizer, 100 ft insulated galvanized steel wire, fence tester ground rod and clamp.

Either of these power supplies can be used with up to 3 sets of poultry netting.

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Additional Info

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